Great Places To Find Quality Used Auto Glass

Some people think that using used auto glass is not a good idea. Since it is already used, many people have the misconception that it is prone to scratches and slits and will easily break. But in my experience, I was fortunate enough to score some really great quality used glass that are still very usable and durable. I think it is just a matter of looking for used glass that is still in great condition despite being used already. You just have to have an eye for detail and intricacy to score a really good quality used glass. Here are some of my tips for you on where you can score such glass even if they are already used.

Garage Sales For Used Auto Glass
Of course, as I always tell people, garage sales or yard sales as some people might call it are a treasure haven. I swear you can find just about anything you need here at a fraction of the cost and most of them are still in great condition just like used glass for your car. If you notice one of your neighbors holding a garage sale, do not hesitate to drop by. You will see some great finds there and who knows, you might even score a glass or two from their previous car which you can still use to repair and replace to your car when you need to. But of course, you have to ask the seller if they have the same model of car as you do so you know that the glass will fit your car perfectly. You wouldn’t want to buy something that won’t fit, right?

Local Repair Shops For Used Auto Glass
This is another great place to score some used auto glass. Since local repair shops are frequented by people asking for repairs and replacement glasses, it is most likely that they will have used ones there from previous clients. The good thing about local repair shops is that they have a wider selection of glasses you can choose from than in garage sales. You will most definitely easily find the one you are looking for here for the model of your car. And another good thing about local repair shops is that they can refurbish the used glass for you before installing it in your car.

Original Equipment Manufacturer
Sometimes it is best to approach the original dealer of your car for an auto glass because they will most likely have the model, size and quality that you want. But the problem with such is that they can be quite expensive. This is where OEM’s come in handy. You can definitely find the auto glass that you want for a fraction of the cost. They have the exact specifications of the glass that you want for less. But be sure to deal only with reputable OEM’s so you know you are getting great quality glass.

Auto Glass For Less
When such incident arrives, don’t fret about spending some money on replacement or repair. If the insurance policy covers the damage then, you are lucky. But if not, remember these places on where you can get used auto glass so you get a new glass for less.